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Flash Bolt Logistics Provides LTL Shipping to all Kinds of businesses and individuals. We have a wide network of LTL carriers who provide us with discounted rates offering you the best LTL shipping options around.  We give you options to move with your preferred carriers or the cheapest option whichever is best for you.  Use our special services to make LTL shipping easier for you such as guaranteed shipping times and appointment pickup and delivery timings. Move LTL with us and we guarantee you will always come back to move with us.

LTL Shipping

What is LTL and what does it mean for my business?

LTL Shipping is a cost effective and efficient method for transporting a little amount of freight, shippers are only charged for space their freight takes.  LTL uses the dimensions and weight of the pallet(s) and determines the amount of space that will take up and prices it based on that.  This helps save money by saving costs on moving a small amount of freight on a full truckload. LTL is important in today’s market because everything is transported at the fraction of the cost. This benefits You; the customers the most because it saves on high costs and gives many options on shipments.

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What Qualifies as LTL?

LTL Shipping shares a truck with multiple loads to reduce costs, most LTL shipping is ideal if you have one of the following conditions.

Any Freight that weighs 150 pounds or more.
Freight that is larger than a parcel but smaller then a truckload, it will be too large to take to the post office or too small to use a whole truck.
Freight that is palatalized or crated, to reduce costs and risks.
LTL is a fraction of the cost of a full truckload, shipping is normally determined using dimensional weight. They are usually picked up in the afternoon and delivered in the mornings, often shipped through local terminals and distribution centers. LTL only has one downside and that is the inconvenience of personalized shipping, transit times take longer than a full TL because of the shared freight. LTL is the most popular and effective way of shipping giving shippers a bang for their buck.

How do I Ship LTL Freight?

You might think reaching out to LTL carriers is the best route but it’s not, LTL carriers give 3PLs or Brokers such as FBL discounted rates. Only shippers meeting their minimum volume get the best deals and we give those same deals to you. LTL Shipping can get confusing with variables such as weight, dimensions and freight classes but FBL can help you through them all. LTL shipping can get a little complicated and it is always best to have some expert advice.

Flash Bolt Logistics have experts to simplify the process for you, we can simplify the details to maximize your profits and make delivery more efficient.

What LTL Specialized Service do we provide?

FBL has a variety of LTL options to make your delivery as personalized as possible. We offer:

Lift Gate Services

Lift Gate Services are needed at pickup and delivery locations when a forklift is not available. These are most commonly used at residential pickups.

Expedited Shipping Services

Expedited Shipping Services for time sensitive deliveries. Services include 3-day, 2 day and overnight transit times.

Notification Services

Notification Services to let you know when to expect the truck.

White Glove Services

White Glove Services for those who need an extra set of hands. An Agent can help unload, unpack and transport your freight up to 2 flights of stairs. This is generally used in residential or commercial locations.

Hazardous Materials Transportation

Hazardous Materials Transportation, transports fuels, bio-chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Any hazardous material can be moved through Flash Bolt Logistics.

Guaranteed Service

Guaranteed Service include both date and time specific needs for pickup and delivery, with guaranteed you have a predetermined time window for delivery often before noon or after 5pm.

So, what are you waiting for?

  • Find out How Flash Bolt Logistics can save you money and time
  • Set up with us once and you won’t have to worry about moving freight again
  • A click of a button is all it takes to save money, so why aren’t you?

Our Most Common Services



The most common way of transferring goods from one place to another. As the name suggests, these trailers are good for keeping your load safe and dry from wet weather conditions or unruly traffic conditions.


With quick and easy loading of heavy or bulky items that are not sensitive to weather or traffic conditions.Flatbeds are Suitable for equipment hauling or bulky product that would not fit in a closed body truck.


Move time sensitive goods that must be kept at a certain temperature. These trailers are used for time sensitive perishable products like meat, fish and poultry and in some cases temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals.

Why Work With FBL?

We provide excellent services around the clock to make sure your freight is delivered in a safe and timely manner. With our personalized service you can set up a pickup and delivery any time of day. If you need help or are confused, you can always call and get some expert advice. LTL Shipping has never been easier and cost effective as now, find out how you can get discounted rates.