Textile & Plastics Logistics

Textile & Plastic Shipping Made Easy

With manufacturing on the rise, it is crucial for textile goods to be on time for delivery.  Flash Bolt Logistics carrier’s safety criteria are fully vetted to ensure proper and timely delivery of goods. With our experience and highly rated carriers you can ship in confidence knowing your cargo is secure and protected the entire time. Most textiles are imported from foreign countries to the ports, we provide carriers to pick up containers from all major ports.

Ship Bales of Plastic and Textiles with Ease

With the market on decline, it is important to make smart financial decisions. Flash Bolt Logistics provides affordable solutions to transport bales and containers textiles.  We provide flatbeds to ship all size containers to all major ports and processing plants.

Ship All types of Textiles

Bales- We ship all types of bales such as Hay, Alfalfa, Plastic Scraps, Cardboard, Cotton, Paper, Fiber and much more. We provide all types of flatbeds to transport Scrap textiles and waste all around the US.

Containers- Ship containers to and from any port with ease, we provide all types of flatbeds for long and local deliveries. Our carriers pick up from all major ports, we provide drop and hook solutions for frequent shippers.

Pipes & Slabs – Ship all types pipes and slabs of material such as Lumber, PVC, Wood, we provide carriers with side kits to hold in all pipes and logs of lumber.

Why Work With FBL?

<span style="color: #ffffff;">We provide excellent services around the clock to make sure your freight is delivered in a safe and timely manner. With our personalized service you can set up a pickup and delivery any time of day. If you need help or are confused, you can always call and get some expert advice. LTL Shipping has never been easier and cost effective as now, find out how you can get discounted rates.</span>