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Flash Bolt Logistics provides Truckload shipping to all business. We cater for clients from small businesses to large enterprises all over the United States. We provide personalized service after a careful analysis of our client’s need at any given time. We find the best type of carriers required for your freight and source the best rate available within your delivery time frame. The analysis, the carrier, the delivery and the payment are as easy as 1,2,3!

What Kind of Trailers Do We Offer?


Dry Van/ Common Truck

A Dry Van is best used when transporting normal packaged freight, it is the most common way of transporting freight. These trailers keep freight safe and dry from wet weather conditions or unruly traffic.

Flat Bed

A Flat bed has no sides or roof which means quick and easy loading of heavy or bulky items that are not sensitive to weather. This is suitable for larger manufacturing and construction equipment.


A Reefer or refrigerated trailer moves time or temperature sensitive freight. These trailers are used for perishable products such as meat, produce, food items and much more.
Step Deck Truckload shipping

Step Deck

When a load needs to be close to the ground or is taller than the legal height step decks or drop trailers are the best for the job. They accommodate for easier forklift loading and unloading.
Removable Gooseneck

Removable Gooseneck (RGN)

Removeable Goosenecks have very low decks that can haul any kind of freight that can be driven onto the trailer. These are commonly used to transport construction equipment.
Conestoga Flatbed

Conestoga Flatbed

A Conestoga is a Flatbed that is covered with a curtain, it covers the entire trailer to protect freight from wet weather conditions. It is used when loading and unloading are difficult to do on a normal dry van.

Flash Bolt Logistics Benefits!

Competitive Pricing

The cost of Shipping can make or break a deal. So, let us deal with it. We work within your budget so ask us about our price match and grow your bottom line. With our affordable pricing and name your price options we let you have a competitive edge over your competitors.

Wide Network Of Carriers

Our wide network of carriers offers a carrier anywhere in the US, whether a small town or big city our drivers are all around. With growing relationships with our carriers, we get special discounts and better rates than most. Want to move with a small carrier or widely known carrier we have relations with them all, we can provide you with any kind of truck you need.

Personalized Service

We want to earn your trust, Trust guarantees you the best value and on time delivery specific to your needs. With 3 Consecutive deliveries, we will provide a dedicated account specialist. Call, email or text your rep any time of day and get expert advice within minutes.

Easy Payment Options

Making Payments is a burden we all must put up with, we make it easier for you. Pay online, over the phone or through mail. We also offer credit for high volume shipments with multiple terms depending on your business with no hidden fees.

Dedicated Account Rep

Once you have become a customer, we provide you with a dedicated account representative who can help you with any logistical question or concerns. Contact your rep any time of day and they will reply within minutes. We are big on our customer service and thrive to make sure you are happy with us.

No Wait Customer Service

If you have any questions or concerns and are not able to reach your rep you can always call our main line, and someone will help you 24/7. Want to track your freight or just want to talk to someone you can always reach out to us and we will gladly help you.

No Hidden Fees

We work with the rate that is agreed upon before delivery and never have any hidden fees excluding any extra charges occurred during delivery. We offer credit to high volume shipments and have no extra fees.

One Stop Shop

No need to go anywhere else, any logistical needs you have we can service them, whether it is moving freight via train, ship or air we can get you set up within our network. We provide all shipping services and have multiple payments options within our business, you will not have to go anywhere else again.

A Simple, Smart Solution For Improving Your Distribution.
So, what are you waiting for?

Professional Service

Move Stress Free, Move with Confidence. We deal with the highest rated carriers, so you never need to worry about moving your shipment. With our wide network, in-depth knowledge, expert service and on time delivery, you can leave the stress to us!

24/7 Dedicated Service

We want to earn your trust. A trust guarantees you a best value and on time delivery specific to your needs. With 3 consecutive deliveries with us, we will provide you a dedicated account specialist available 24/7. Call, email or send a text to your account representative and get expert advise within minutes.

One Stop Shop

The cost of moving your shipment can make or break a deal. So, let us deal with it.Work with us and grow your bottom line. With our affordable pricing and easy payment options we will let you have a competitive edge over your competition. Freight Brokers, LTL Carriers, Flatbed Loads, or any kind of Shipping Quotes we have them all!

"It’s always a pleasure working with everyone at Flash Bolt Logistics, they are very knowledgeable when it comes to their customers’ requirements, and they know the value of a friendly phone call."

Ryan Bosi
Pro-Gasket MFG